Audio: Save Greek Water - Look to UK for reasons not to sell off water

The failure of the privatisation of water in the UK is being held up as a model of what not to do by a new campaign in Greece.

Bringing together law and economic experts with campaign specialists and graphic designers, Save Greek Water aims to stop the privatisation currently being demanded as part of the IMF bail-out agreement.

Maria from the campaign says water in most of Greece is cheap and of good quality, and fears private companies will hike prices to profit from what is a vital resource. They have studied the situation in other countries, including the UK where privatisation has failed to serve the people’s needs and where investment in a leaky network has not materialised.

“There were promises about investment [in the UK], but promises were broken,” she said. “I don’t understand how the British haven’t reacted against this because water is such a basic need.”

Listen to Maria discuss the campaign.