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Effects of austerity on Greece: Effects of austerity on the public sector and other groups

This briefing paper provides an overview of how austerity programmes are affecting the public sector and the privatisation of public enterprises, infrastructure and assets; rising inequalities, unemployment and effects on young people.

Effects of austerity on Greece: Financing of government debt and troika intervention

In 2001, Greece entered the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU).  Part of the conditions of entry required adhering to the 1997 Stability and Growth Pact, which set limits on government spending and debt of not more than 3% GDP.  EU Member States who joined this Pact effectively forfeited their financial independence. 

Effects of austerity on Greece: Health and social services

This briefing paper sets out the impact of austerity policies on health and social services.  The entry of Greece into the European Union supported the development of a public healthcare sector.  Similarly the creation of a formal social services sector has only taken place in the last 15 years.  Until then it was the responsibility of the family or the Church.