Public services must stay in the hands of the people

The General Secretary of the global union federation Public Services International, Rosa Pavanelli, and members of the PSI/ EPSU Communicators’ Action Network joined PSI affiliate unions with the ADEDY federation and the people of Greece on Wednesday 6 November 2013 in a 24-hour general strike against the policies of Troika and the impunity of the Greek politicians in the implementation of these policies.

Pavanelli said: “The purpose of our Communicators’ Action Network mission in Athens is to tell these stories to the world.” She shared the view that Greece has been used for a neo-liberal social and economic experiment, and underlined PSI’s commitment to defending public services against any policies that are directed to privatization of public property.

PSI is committed to fight against the privatization of water companies. The General Secretary noted that PSI is officially represented on the United Nations Secretary-Generals’ Advisory Board on Water and Sanitation. PSI opposes austerity measures that are forcing privatization of public water systems in Greece.

The presence of PSI and EPSU Communicators’ action network team in Greece is also to give members from other countries the opportunity to learn more about the issues facing Greek trade unionists and share this understanding with their unions and communities around the world.

By Felicia Kraja, Public Services Workers' Union, Ghana