Radio: Greek government evicts media workers occupying headquarters of national broadcaster


The government dismissed the 2,600 workers at the ERT public broadcaster in June. Since then, hundreds of the technicians and journalists have been occupying the stations around the country and continuing public broadcasts for the past five months. In the early hours of Thursday 7 November, police raided the main ERT broadcast headquarters in Athens - evicting some 50 workers who were inside at the time. Police then beat and tear-gassed protestors and opposition MPs who gathered outside the station. The regional ERT stations continue to broadcast for the moment. ERT workers are members of UNI Global Union.

Labour journalists have been covering the ERT story on-location, as part of an international PSI-EPSU Communicators' Action Network solidarity delegation. Listen to the reports by Courtney Rose Dantus from the Service Employees International Union in the United States and Richard Simcox of the Public and Commercial Services union in the UK.

Listen to Teresa Marshall, the Communications Co-Ordinator for the global union federation Public Services International (PSI) who was in Athens when the attack on the workers took place.

Listen to the interviews on RadioLabour