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Water services throughout Greece are municipal, except in the two biggest cities of Athens and Thessaloniki. In these two cities, the municipal companies which were founded (Law 1068/1980) as 100% state-owned companies, were turned into public-limited in 1999 (Law 2794/1999),, and were floated on the stock market in 2001. The Athens Water and Sewerage Company (EYDAP) was till recently 61 per cent State owned and 39 per cent private owned. The Thessaloniki Water and Sewerage Company (EYATH was till recently 74 per cent State owned and 26 per cent private owned. (5,46% is owned by the French multinational water company Suez).

With the outburst of the economic crisis, the government has accepted loans from the IMF, the European Union and the European Central Bank – the “troika” – which has laid out a schedule of conditional ties that Greece must implement in order to get each successive part of the loan. These include a series of extreme austerity measures that pauperize large groups of the population, including cuts in health care, and a list of public sector bodies that must be privatized, among them EYDAP and EYATH. Download and read the full background paper (PDF).

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